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X Factor ... Why bother ...? Punkt instead ...

Balh Blah Blaaaaahhhh!OK.

I know I said I'd do a blog about X Factor again.

But seriously ... what is there to "talk" about?

The auditions stages consist of material that shouldn't be given weekly extended coverage. A simple hour-long summary - or perhaps 2 hours split over 2 nights - of these damnably boring shenanigans would be sufficient (if that's the right word - and I strongly suspect it isn't).

A simple showing of the best auditions, and the worst for those who like to laugh at the musical ineptitude of others, and straight to the selection stage. Then the split to the mentors and their houses, and straight to business.

The only thing that makes X Factor interesting is the final stages (judges/mentors' houses and then weekly singExpect liquorice, Fiona. LIQUORICE!-offs with public vote). And now that the News of The World is out of the picture, the ...

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I have decided that SCHLUNGS, The new album by Mungolian Jet Set, should be BANNED.

Ideally, it should be prevented from being released, but as we are late in the day, there is little time for that. We must instead focus on preventing its appearance in stores, on radio, on TV.

This album must be stopped, as it has been found in my extensive laboratory tests that it almost certainly is a cause of Cotard's Syndrome.

Save our children! Stop the SCHLUNGS!

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What to do in a world without Cowell

So, X Factor is back.

And it seems that some are interested in what I might say about it. So, in an unusual gesture of acquiescence, I shall do so this year, as best I can.

I only caught a moment or two of the first show, but have checked YouTube since. It seems that young Janet Devlin of Tyrone, Northern Ireland, has stirred a few waves.  She reminds me of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter films. Very cute and endearing indeed. And some interesting quirks in her voice. Already a favourite for final selection it would seem. Ellie Goulding comparisons aside (and they were definitely aside for the judges, for some reason - have they never heard of Ellie Goulding?), she seems genuinely innocent. We can only hope the fame machine doesn't chew up her soul too soon (she's probably going to be this year's ...


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New Mung Album

So, as you may have noticed, there's a new Mungolian Jet Set album emerging from the writhing vagina of creativity that is Mung HQ in the coming weeks. And you may even have listened to some of the samples HERE.

But I honestly can't say I give a shit about it.

I'm being dragged to the Punkt Festival in a few weeks, while right now I'm left for long hours without any sentient contact outside of the internet (and that can be questionable in terms of sentience)  - oh yeah - and generally deprived of kebabs and strong liquor.

So, in short, I would like you to utterly IGNORE this post, and all future posts I make. No more comments, no more messages, no more emails to me. I am taking this opportunity to turn my involuntary exile to a world of shit and ...

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My Own Personal Zombie

ZOMBIE!So I've been Twittering like a bitch lately.

Someone (Neil Gaiman or William Gibson - forget who) asked why zombies had become so common recently in film & fiction.

My answer was this:

Zombies represent an innate fear of overpopulation.

Which of course is a Twitter answer.

To E X P A N D ...

The zombie represents mindless servitude when singular, in most cases. But zombie plagues represent a fear that the world is incapable of sustaining itself, specifically the human population. The numbers grow daily, the resources deplete. What recourse but cannibalism.

More interestingly, and perhaps something that Charlie Brooker put his finger on with Dead Set (which I wasn't particularly enchanted by) is the fear that the world is slowly being filled with mindless hordes, all with only one thing on their minds: to consume.

Dawn of The Dead ...

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