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MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011

The Unsinkable Simon Cowell

UNTOUCHABLE SIMON COWELLRight, you daft bastards.

I've watched for the past week, and said little. But now I feel I need to state something obvious:


At least, you can't in the manner which seems to be the chosen one for blogheads and "campaigners" out there.

Last week, a young chap (12 years old) was the "means" to that "end." Didn't work. Accusing Simon Cowell of "cheating" (when is he NOT CHEATING, really?) is a pathetic approach to defaming the chap. That's like accusing the sun of shining. Pointless.

First of all: the 12 year old boy at the center of all of the accusations last week was the only person whose future might have been affected. A 12 year old boy. Got that? A kid who can sing, whether groomed or not. Why use a 12 year old boy as a weapon against Simon Cowell?

Frankly, some of my fellow "bloggers" out there ...

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Los Angeles in Black

LA NoireOK. It seems that not only has Sir Dhahii neglected to update the website as he claimed he would, he is actually assisting me with this blog. As I may have mentioned elsewhere (Twitter, Twatter or Phacebuck), he was playing a video game, with the rather unimaginative title of "LA Noire" ...

Normally, I skulk off to do something else once the Xbox takes over the main TV at Mung HQ ... but this game actually caught my attention: it felt as though something was going to happen ...

So I continued watching. And within half an hour I was ... participating.

Now, anyone who is actually interested in such things can read reviews elsewhere. Fine, I don't give a shit. But let me tell you about what happened within 2 hours: it became quite boring.

Universally (it seems) this game has the highest applause, and will no doubt receive the most tacky golden ...

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