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Merry Christmas, Squarepusher is Dead

I see a vacant seat in the chimney corner: Tiny Tom is no more. Only his bass and his MS-20 are left as a reminder.

Merry Christmas? Alien scum. The New World Order can inflate my dromedary.


And for those who have sent messages through the fools @ Mungolian HQ:

1. No. I will not be analyzing the latest Cheryl Cole song's lyrics. They are too bad to be believed. And I have heard that her album has received some good reviews from music magazines that really should know better. Pha-Q ...

2. I have nothing further to say regarding X Factor. It's over and done, and contained no surprises. Louis Walsh is still a total cock-end, Simon Cowell is still laughing all the way to the bank, Danni Minogue is so inconsequential now she might as well be me, and Cheryl Cole is still a Fishwife who would be shunned if ...


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X Factor???

So what IS the X Factor?

Three left:

Olly Murs
Stacey Solomon
Joe McElderry

Again, Mister Joe Slow did his ballads, stretching himself not a jot. And no-one complained. After rumours of backbiting and feuding between Olly Murs and Danyl Johnson, Danyl was bade farewell, and - at least on camera - took it graciously ...

Stacey seemed confused (nothing new there).

So what is the X Factor?

Apparently, Joe McElderry has it in spades. But I cannot detect it at all ... His womanly voice seems to carry away all the possibilities of criticism that every other contestant suffered (Jamie Archer was just a rocker; Lucie Jones could only sing slow numbers; Stacey can't move and sing at the same time). Is his voice really that good? Is it so mindbogglingly distracting that he could look like a potato dressed as a turd and no-one would care?

I confess, I'm stumped. Completely. And I don't know why I'm ...

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