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Beware the Ides of Punkt

Jan Bang
Jan Bang
So I dunno about you, but Sir Dhahii has been running around Mung HQ like a Golden Tamarind on speed. Yes, it's that time of the year again when the more artistically inclined among us go batshit for the Punkt Festival ...

This annual regatta of musical wine and cheese is curated by Mung's own King Jan Bang ("The bestest button-pusher in the world EVER") and his own GrĂ­ma Wormtongue, Erik Honoré.
Erik Honoré
Erik Honoré

Previous festival highlights have included luminaries such as Jon Hassell, John Paul Jones and Brian Eno, as well as the usual Norwegian coven of Bugge Wesseltoft ("The Bald Bespectacled One"), Nils Petter Molvaer ("Peace Be Upon Him"), Sidsel Endresen ("The Siren of the Fjord") and Eivind Aarset ("My Hair Lives in 1973").

David Sylvian
David Sylvian
This year's big cheese is none other than David Sylvian, and this is one of the main reasons Sir Dhahii is behaving like he has ADHD or whatever. Sylvian, alongside Mark Hollis, is one of his big hero-types. In the past 3 weeks I have heard Sylvian's Died In The Wool album no less than 70 times, as well as occasional excursions back to the 80s and even the much more androgynous days of Japan. It's all very tiresome.

The festival itself has featured the Mungs in the past, remixing anyone placed before them, as well as being part of the "Kick Scene" and giving an absolutely amazingly OK performance there. Not sure if they're going this year, as Oddsock was a very bold boy last year.

So, until the first week of September is over, I shall suffer like a bitch that has bitched once too often in Bitchtown on St Bitch's Day.

And if you're going ... don't tell me about it. I hate you. Get over it.

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[ posted by Kerry, November 02, 2017 2:07 ]

Get your facts straight. That's a photo of British actor Bill Nighy, from the movie "Still Crazy," not David Sylvian . . .

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