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FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

You're all vacuumheads

This will be my last post before the arrival of the new Mungolian site ...

I await my fate with the calmness of a rohypnol-laden sorority girl.

I have been "given" a Facebook page by Sir Dhahii, which I assume is some kind of pre-onslaught appeasement. However, rather than rail against it like some Anglo-Saxon twat attempting to turn the tides, I shall embrace it and see how long it takes to be removed as an obstreperous bully.

The release of the Moon Jocks remixes has caused some celebration in Mung HQ. I preferred solitude to contemplate the sudden lack of Cheryl Cole sightings of late, and ponder the meaning of all things. And write a book. Yes, I have decided that a mere blog is not enough, that Twittering is insufficient, that Facebook is inadequate. Social networking in general is a vacuum. So a solid tome is my option.

In the meantime, enjoy what you can, when you can. The time is short. I bid you farewell. Actually, I don't. Die screaming for salvation. I hate you. Get over it.

Munk Audley



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