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X Factor???

So what IS the X Factor?

Three left:

Olly Murs
Stacey Solomon
Joe McElderry

Again, Mister Joe Slow did his ballads, stretching himself not a jot. And no-one complained. After rumours of backbiting and feuding between Olly Murs and Danyl Johnson, Danyl was bade farewell, and - at least on camera - took it graciously ...

Stacey seemed confused (nothing new there).

So what is the X Factor?

Apparently, Joe McElderry has it in spades. But I cannot detect it at all ... His womanly voice seems to carry away all the possibilities of criticism that every other contestant suffered (Jamie Archer was just a rocker; Lucie Jones could only sing slow numbers; Stacey can't move and sing at the same time). Is his voice really that good? Is it so mindbogglingly distracting that he could look like a potato dressed as a turd and no-one would care?

I confess, I'm stumped. Completely. And I don't know why I'm even writing about it here ...

OK, he seems to be a reasonably decent human being. Good for him! I've met quite a few of those, all equally talented in their different fields, but generally that isn't enough to be given a free pass as Joe has received.

And he will win, it seems. By a large majority ...

And who will buy Joe's records? And more importantly, what kind of records?

According to the rumour mill, the winner will be singing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus ...

Tailor-made for Joe, not so good for the other two, particularly Olly, who might feel a tad old to be singing a song like that ...

The ballad boy has been handed the competition, it seems ...

So, unless miracles happen, this will be my last mention of the subject. I can only expect tears from Cheryl Cole at an appropriately poignant moment in the final, Louis Walsh hammering a nail into Stacey's coffin, Simon Cowell making his bland overstatements (we need at least one "That performance makes me proud to be British" in there before all is done) and Danni Minogue being unexpectedly critical of Olly and Stacey ... again.

Why vote? Why watch? It's been a foregone conclusion for the past two weeks that they have decided that Joe should win, and he's so inoffensive, the oldsters will vote for that nice boy.

Bring out the Blandston!

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[ posted by dldlkd, December 08, 2009 15:25 ]

Why were you watching X Factor in the first place? Did you really think anything different was going to happen? This is a show for old people to think they know about pop music. They probably had a heart attack when Lady Gaga was on! Christ knows how they would respond to Mungolian music and dress!

I will admit that I have seen some of it, and you're right about that guy Joe. Joe Slow. Perfect for Christmas for the over 60s!

[ posted by Meerkat Jock, December 09, 2009 13:09 ]

Nothing any good can come from this kind of trash TV. If I had the talent I would NOT put myself through the humiliation the show inflicts on contestants. Look at the songs they do as a group every week. All mimed, with people who can't move suddenly coming to life like a puppet on a string. It's embarrassing stuff and isn't bad enough to be laughable or good enough to be listenable or watchable. My sister watches it religiously and I KNOW she won't buy the winner's song. But she votes, and she's one of those people who think Joe is great. I think he's a twat like that guy out of Father Ted all the old ladies go mad for. Simon Cowell talks about relevance, but it's clear that he doesn't have any real interest in relevance at all if he thinks Joe is great. It's all about target audiences and the audience with the money right now is the over 50s. That's what it's all about.

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