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Kimye Wurst

Not the lavishly illustrated piece I had planned (why show these people in their ridiculous clothes, or their ridiculous lack of clothes?)
Nor is it the piece I had planned (not that I ever plan pieces. They just happen when I'm too bored with life to care about seeming detached from it).
What exactly is the deal with Kanye West? I have never understood him, or his appeal. His alleged intelligence escapes me. His lyrics seem like a reasonably smart 12 year old boy let loose in a studio with a friend who just might know a thing or two about music.
And maybe it's just me, but the video for "Bound 2" was just the most embarrassingly awful thing I've seen (at least since Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" - a cross between Sinead O'Connor bawling like a babe and a confused ...


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SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2013

Oh, what can we do about retro?

It's all a blur, really. All these ages that have spun by, the endless parade of faces and names, ideas and their detractors.
Lana Del ReyTake Lana Del Rey. What's that all about? A woman clearly in love with David Lynch movies, Lauren Bacall and possibly nose candy.
She croons her ballads, looks as smokey and sultry as she can, and all the while most folk don't seem to notice that she's a hideous composite of everything that should be abhorred in the popular music charts: retro-pastiche.
Marilyn MansonWhy are people buying into this? And she insists on hanging out with the likes of Marilyn Manson (probably because his very name is a retro-pastiche, and she gets all gooey just saying it: "Marilyn Manson") If anything, Marilyn Manson has the very pseudonym Lana covets.
But as I've said before and elsewhere, the hipster beasts and teenage oddball boys are ...


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I have decided that SCHLUNGS, The new album by Mungolian Jet Set, should be BANNED.

Ideally, it should be prevented from being released, but as we are late in the day, there is little time for that. We must instead focus on preventing its appearance in stores, on radio, on TV.

This album must be stopped, as it has been found in my extensive laboratory tests that it almost certainly is a cause of Cotard's Syndrome.

Save our children! Stop the SCHLUNGS!

Show your support here: FACEBOOK


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Do ya get the Punkt? Huh? Well ... Do ya???

Sir Dhahii has been bedwetting again. Because of the Punkt Festival.

That's a lie (I hope).

But he has been somewhat ... distorted lately. And he has been particularly entrapped in a mysterious state of near-orgasm since the announcement of the Punkt Program.

David Sylvian, John Paul Jones, lashings of Norwegian goodness in the form of Arve Henriksen (one-time MC and dance choreographer for the Mungs at a previous Punkt festival), Nils Petter Molvær ("Peace Be Upon Him") and numerous others from across the globe.

All very exciting for our resident webhead and occasional purveyor of dubious "back-up lyricism" for the Mungs.

I remain, more or less, unstirred. I have been spending time with my cat of late (now devoid of ears), and listening to microtonal drone music from the planet Tyvna'an. This music is very hard to come by, and requires sophisticated radio equipment ...

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"She's A Star" - Lyrics for your usage

Greetings ...

In my continued efforts to distract myself from a world intent on finding evils where few exist/blaming others for things that have nothing to do with them, I give to you yet more wordage for your usage.

Same as before, use them as you will, but send me an mp3 copy of the result, and money may be sent if you really want to (this only applies if you manage to make any of the back of it, of course). Don't forget to give credit where it's due: Credit: The Homunculus Of Mung

Here we have a ditty entitled:


The fabulous fawn and dote
Their new invention swans in
All diamante and pearls
Like an electric pumping johnson
A wagon they'll jump on
They'll be gagging to dump on
In six months flat or less
It's time to bring out ...


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