Mungolian Jetset
September 2009

 Sep 3, 2009 (Thu)22:00
 Holy Festival of The Tailor of Munke TimorLocation: Kick, Kristiansand

Celebrations take place in the earthly paradise of

Kick, Kristiansand.

The Holy Memorial Fire Will be ignited with flames of love around midnight.

 Sep 11, 2009 (Fri)21:00
 Sacred Ritual Of The Hooded BudLocation: Tou Scene 1, Numusic Festival, Stavanger
Ritualization, chanting of mantras, pulling down of pants for Mung, and assorted celebratory magicks will commence circa 10:59:15PM.

New converts to the Church of Mung should chant the following:


Peace be upon you!
 Sep 12, 2009 (Sat)21:00
 The Dhaqwaan of Po-Lonte's Breakfast of The Year SpecialLocation: The Villa, Oslo
Most venerable DJ Strangefruit of ye acclaimed Mungolian Jet Set spins platters of joy and harmony to celebrate the Dhaqwaan of Po-Lonte's Breakfast of the Year in which the Dhaqwaan enjoys his favourite nibbles and his favourite nipples.

Accompanying the most delicious Strangefruit is the remarkably yummy and very chewy Todd Terje.

This year's celebration is part of Numusic Oslo 09.

Find the Villa @ Møllergata 23, Oslo under Hell's Kitchen restaurant.


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