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At a time when most are yearning to be tragically hip, I long for the days of weirdness. Not goofiness, mind you. Just good old fashioned weird. Primus served my needs back in the day, as did the Orb's Dr. Alex Patterson. Both groups were masters of the musical non-sequitur, and their albums were 70-minute adventures of pure aural excitement. Now Mungolian Jetset can take up that crown.

We Gave It All Away...Now We Are Taking It Back is a twodisc misadventure of sound, full of collaborations and rerubs that dabble in indie music, dub, cheeky house, psychedelia and ambient grooviness. From ECM label regular Nils Petter Molvær and space-disco producer Lindstrøm to UK fantasy makers They Came From The Stars, the guest appearances on We Gave it All Away add their own little dash of otherworldliness to the Jetset’s pungent blend. There’s a lot to grab onto here, especially with ...

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If I described every nook and angle that is contained within these two CDs, I would have
enough material for a thesis. We Gave It All Away … And Now We Are Taking It Back is simply
an electronic experience beyond anything I have heard since The Orb released U.F.Orb or
Sasha and Digweed compiled their work from the Renaissance.

Perfectly composed, Mungolian Jetset is everything I ever wanted from an electronic release:
plush beats, substance, depth, and a special uniqueness to tie it all together. At first I was
apprehensive and a little worried that their songs would not stick past a few round of listens
when in reality, the music is like a drug and the album has a sense of spiritual growth I cannot
claim very many artists succeed at.

Beginning with the CD We Gave It All Away, Mungolian Jetset’s “Creepy” is part Himalayan
zen and part voodoo exorcism that turns into this weird conglomeration of ...

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While most albums tread a fine line between two different genres of music, this eclectic array of cross-fusion electric/organic dance music covers the gamut of experimentalism to pop electronic

Ranging from house and disco to soft rock and Norwegian Balearic dub, the ambiance of these highly infections grooves can bring tears to your eyes while drifting through a wormhole of psychedelic splendor. These hazy, über-laid-back treasures will have you lost in introspection by the time track two on the first disc begins to play. Stressing upon layers and layers of organic samples of everything from live instruments to field-recorded wildlife; this collection of the unusual is just brief moments away from being cataloged as supernatural. Featuring mixes and remixes from affiliates Lindstrøm, Medievel Knievel, Pizzy Yelliot, LSB and The Shortwave Set, you are guaranteed to hear music on this release that you will never hear anywhere else. Brilliant!
Praxis ...

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Clash Featurette

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By Danny Turner

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