Mungolian Jetset

JULY, 2009

Ask any of the more notable Norwegian grooveslayers if there is something about their surroundings
that pushes them to create a particular style of music, and they will inevitably answer with confusion
and ambivalence. That's fine, even admirable, but it's hard for us to ignore that this admittedly small
crop of producers and DJ's all poke at disco in a similarly obtuse and dubby way, much to the wonder
of everyone that does not live there. Mungolian Jetset are from Norway, run with guys like Todd Terje,
Lindstrom, Bjorn Torske, and Mental Overdrive, and have a new record called We Gave It
Away...Now We Are Taking It Back out August 18th on Smalltown Supersound. "Clairevoyage" and
"Creepy" both originate there, further ammo to the argument that there is some seriously bewildering
noise echoing around Oslo.

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AUGUST, 2009

One of the pleasures of Madison Music Review for me is the exposure I get to new and different music. Occasionally we even receive review copies of upcoming releases. Of course, some albums we don't really care for, and some we think are good but not particularly compelling. But every so often we get a release that really lights us up. This is one of those.

I had not previously heard of Mungolian Jetset out of Norway. (Have you?) But I am currently obsessed with this album. Psychedelic dance grooves, with an amazing breadth of styles - world beats, techno, disco, and much more...

In this release, the Mungolian collective mixes their work, remixes, covers, collaborations and originals into two albums (each coming in at 59:15). Most of the tracks have been previously released (given away) on vinyl 12-inches or in some other form, and now they are taken back to ...

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JUNE, 2009

The past few years have seen plenty of new bands spring from the fertile mutant-disco grounds, and lots of waggling jams have been jammed, for sure, but if there's one thing the new crop doesn't always bring it's the weirdness (a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, fulfilling but safe DFA 12"'s). Compare your average Hercules & Love Affair track to, say, Kid Creole or Dinosaur L to remind yourself of the bold, bizarre axis those songs traveled along. Scandinavian duo Mungolian Jet Set seem to be trying to remedy this, turning in miles of left turns and brash outness.

Technically credited to Mungolian Jet Set's 16th Rebels of Mung, "Clairevoyage" isn't the strangest track from Mungolian's forthcoming We Gave It All Away, Now We're Taking It Back, but it is the one that most sturdily combines the band's thwamp-click grooves with their testy and trying vocals. A collaboration with ...

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JULY, 2009

Mungolian Jet Set fellows Pål Nyhus & Knut Sævik take a moment to visit with XLR8R’s
Inbox en route to Shangri-La. The Norwegian jet setters remember the King of Pop, discuss
the delicacy of “promiscuous self-service,” share Bee Gees trickery, and design plans to grow
fat on Italian food. Their forthcoming album, We Gave It All Away...Now We Are Taking It
Back , will be out August 18 on Smalltown Supersound.
XLR8R: What are you listening to right now?
Knut Sævik: On top of my turntable is an '81 album from KANO called New York Gang, and
I’m getting into Reinhold Glière’s “No. 2” and “No. 3” symphonies. The last few days I’ve
been listening to Alf Cranner, a Norwegian singer and composer.
Pål Nyhus: As this is written hours after hearing about the death of MJ, it's a kind of weird,
spacey medley of his voice in my head. I guess he is kinda trespassing all our souls now.
What's ...

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