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MARCH, 2008

Despite our housebound reputation, even bloggers like to occasionally go out and shake what passes for our stuff. That’s why every two weeks Idolator club guru Tim Finney will be dragging us onto the dancefloor to explore the latest sounds from the worlds of house, techno, and beyond. After the jump, he gets lost in the maximalist world of prog-disco remix kings Mungolian Jet Set, one of the many neo-”balearic” production teams digging up obscure soft-rock/folk/jazz gold.

As a sound and a scene both, the dance music sub-genre “balearic” is obsessed with marginalia. If this was true of the term’s original incarnation–think of UK DJ Paul Oakenfold boasting of dancing in Ibiza, one of the islands from which the sound gets its name, in the late 80s to a soundtrack of Chris Rea and the Woodentops while high on ecstasy for the first time–it is doubly true of its reemergence ...


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Mungolian Jet Set has become the main musical vehicle of Norwegian DJ legend Pål "Strangefruit" Nyhus. Along with partner Knut Sævik he is out to find the philosophers stone of dance music, leaving behind all normative concepts and delving audaciously into music’s inexplicable essence. Mungolian Jet Set is duo on a quest, perhaps a little like the mystic Gurdjieff who roamed in the vicinity of Mongolia and joined in competitions to make the mountains sing.

      -We want to take our music into uncharted territory, says Nyhus.
      I know it is a bit of cliché to talk about music as a journey, but it is true in the way that we don’t really know where we’re going. But we know that we are after something that cannot be reached by guidelines, genres and just multiplying established concepts. When I was a kid the two records that I never tired of was ...

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AUGUST, 2009

For the past three years, Mungolian Jet Set haven't just been the Balearic disco remixers of the moment, but also consummate performers and storytellers, knowing how to manipulate their audience with an artful slow-reveal of their considerable talents. For a particularly startling run throughout 2007, it seemed like this odd Norwegian duo transformed themselves entirely with each new remix, offering overblown Italo-disco, or beatbox- and accordion-driven electro-gypsy-funk, or dark Jon Hassell-style percussive digital jazz. If they haven't quite been able to sustain this knack for total self-reinvention since, nonetheless the past year and a half has seen Pål Nyhus and Knut Sævik continue to cram together just about every sound that can fit in with a slow-mo four by four beat, and a fair few that can't.

You'd expect such a maximalist approach to get messy at times, and there are several points on the duo's gargantuan 2xCD remix ...


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JULY, 2009


Channeling the up-all-night Balearic vibes of Ibiza beach parties, we've got a couple of tunes for those summer nights (or early mornings) when you're not yet ready to say good night. On the ten-minute excursion "Clairevoyage," Nordic fantasists Mungolian Jetset strike a perfect balance between leftfield, chill-out ambience and midtempo discoid grooves. In August, the duo will release a collection of remixes and collaborations called We Gave It All Away ... Now We Are Taking It Back for Smalltown Supersound.

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AUGUST, 2009

Whereas their more vaunted Norwegian contemporaries can be neatly pigeonholed as future
disco visionaries, it's nearly impossible to categorize the work of Mungolian Jetset. RA chats up
the Oslo duo.

Despite its freestyle, anything-goes nature—think a star-gazing melting pot of electronic disco, progressive rock, jazz, folk, Balearica, acid and techno with a nod and a wink to both camp pop and contemporary classical music—the music of Mungolian Jetset seems to make perfect sense. Wrap this all up in a strange obsession with cod-mysticism and KLF-style myth-building, and you've got an act like none other.

The duo initially came together in the early '00s while Oslo scene stalwart Nyhus was working with Norwegian jazz legends Nils Petter Moldvaer and Bugge Wesseltoft. Invited by the latter to create an album for the Jazzland label, they put together the largely forgotten jazz-electronica fusion set Beauty Came to Us in Stone in 2006.

Since then, they've slowly been carving ...

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