Mungolian Jetset

AUGUST, 2009

In a genre like electronic dance music - where "faceless" is often used as a criticism - some of the sharpest minds make sure to have an image as arresting as their songs: Think Daft Punk’s featureless robots or Justice’s iconic glowing cross. Norwegian duo Mungolian Jet Set, however, more closely resemble the cast of U.K. TV cult hit The Mighty Boosh, given to elaborate robes and headdresses, not to mention a full complement of dancers in equally striking gear.

If they were only about the clothes, then Mungolian Jet Set could be dismissed as another bunch of chancers, but their sophomore full-length release makes clear why dance mavens worldwide have been going nuts for them. A double-CD of remixes plus some original efforts, it’s an astonishingly coherent and well-sequenced collection of three years of work that manages the trick of pulling a listener fully into its own exciting world.

In recent ...

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What makes the Mungolian Jet Set's decadently overstuffed productions so sublimely engrossing -- whether encountered individually, as they initially appeared, in piecemeal fashion, on 12"s and compilations over the past several years, or taken as a fluid whole on this gloriously epic trawl through their remix work to date -- is not simply their bent for inspired, unmitigated lunacy, but the surprisingly artful way they manage to fold their far-reaching, campy, perversely unexpected, and downright goofy musical ideas into cogent and highly nuanced (albeit undeniably maximalist) compositional structures. Restraint might seem like a foreign concept to these guys -- you can get a decent inkling of their comedic sensibilities by scanning the track list for grandiose remix titles and nutty monikers ("Pizzy Yelliott," the "16th Rebels of Mung") -- but at least they know how to take their time. With a luxurious two hours to fill and track lengths hovering ...

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Mungolian Jetset 'We Gave It All Away... Now We Are Taking It Back' 
(Smalltown Supersound)

( 5/5 )

Chances are, if you've any interest in the kind of disco-proggy goodness that seems to attract an inordinate amount of bearded people, you'll have danced to one or more remix from the mysterious Mungolian Jetset, currently receiving some long overdue attention.  They've carved a market for themselves in particularly wigged out electronic dance music that is, at turns, out of this world, vaguely cheesy, and outrageously danceable.  This double CD set collects a few of their own productions alongside a cross-section of remixes, creating two continuous mixes of house, new disco, balearic, techno and the kind of dancefloor madness that, timed well, can tear the roof off the bearded sucker.  It's hard identifying a singular moment on the two discs as it's been compiled and programmed so well it genuinely feels like a full ...


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Mungolian Jetset is everything you love about dance music. Disco? They’ve got it. Techno? They’ve got it. Pop? They’ve got it. Call it mutant or call it Balearic, Mungolian Jetset provides the “boom-chik-clap” in ways that most acts only dabble in. On the double-CD set We Gave it All Away…Now We Are Taking it Back, the collective runs between original tracks and remixes like they own the place, creating a debut the likes of which are rare, if even existent, before now. Whether it’s on the wonkily funky “Creepy,” with a vocal track that sounds like a young Jello Biafra, or the slow but steady groove of “Darker” that the Jetset crafted with jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer, one can sense higher powers are at work on moving your hind quarters. With the album’s 16 tracks averaging over eight minutes apiece, We Gave it All Away… appeals more to the background sounds of ...

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Living in an alternate universe, where groove is paramount regardless of where it finds its inspiration, Mungolian Jet Set's debut, Beauty Came to Us in Stone (Jazzland, 2006), found its primary members - turntablist/sonic manipulator DJ Strangefruit, known in this dimension as Pål Nyhus, of Nu-Jazz progenitor/trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær's group until recently, and sound sculptor Reider Skar - creating sonic collages that defied any kind of easy categorization. The double-disc We Gave It All Away...Now We Are Taking It Back is a little more predictable in the persistent beats that make it perfect for dance clubs. A remix/collaboration album, it still holds plenty of surprise in the stylistic breadth of recruited musical friends beamed, at least temporarily, into the sonic universe that Mungolian Jet Set - originally from Norway, but now living, well, elsewhere - inhabits.

If there's any doubt that Mungolian Jet Set functions, at least some of the ...

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