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Just before I sat down to start collecting thoughts about this extensive collection I was reading a copy of legendary flagship zine of the acid house epoch, Boy's Own. Okay, it was a reprint - I was eight when it came out, I think - but anyway, it talks most favourably of the then-barely-codifed notion of 'Balearic' and its shunning of boundaries in DJ sets, at a time when genres were defining themselves with more regularity and more rigidity. "Balearic isn't a style of music but an attitude and an awareness of diverse dance tunes that few DJs actually have. What's wrong with a club where you can hear A Split Second, Ten City, Front 242, Ce Ce Rogers and the Thrashing Doves all in the same night? Sure beats sexist, homophobic, big dick rap. At least we think so."

Mungolian Jetset may or may not like big dick rap - ...


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MARCH, 2008

Letter to Norwegian Embassy, London, January 9th 2008.

To whom it may concern,

I wish to express my concern about an unprecedented menace that has emerged from your country and is currently infecting the youth of Britain with unstoppable veracity: Mungolians. These layabouts, cornerboys, soapdodgers, hippies, spivs and individuals of dubious mental fortitude
and questionable intentions have begun thrusting their elongated and throbbing remixes into the unprotected underbelly of our youth.

Indeed, it comes as no surprise that these loutish young men model themselves after the Mongol invaders.

Furthermore, it has been brought to my attention that these disco delinquents have desecrated one of their own national treasures, the beloved Sami Joik singer Mari Boine Persen. Placing her exquisite ethnic voice in a jarring juxtaposition with the worst excesses of what passes for music these days, these would-be Khans have created an altogether frightening melange of sounds encompassing the full gamut of the hallucinatory and ...

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AUGUST, 2009


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Reconnaissance Droid Theta

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Mongolia, a country located in East and Central Asia right next to Russia and is nearly blanketed by China. Mungolia? Apparently that's tucked away inner imaginations of two really way off Norwegian dudes. Actually a collaboration between Norwegian DJ Pål "Strangefruit" Nyhus and partner Knut Sævik, together as Mungolian Jet Set they kinda behind the normal concepts of dance and dive into something that's as lush as a tropical forest, but as deserted as Area 51. We Gave It All Away... And Now We Are Taking It Back is pretty what the album implies, literally, a collection of features, collaborations (including sets with the likes of Lindstrøm and the Shortwave Set), remixes that were once "given away" and are now "taken back to be presented in its full Mungolian context" (whatever that means). Within it's contents, We Gave It All Away manages to thinly tread between dance, jazz and even ...

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