Mungolian Jetset

AUGUST, 2009

This album is on a small list of contenders for album of the year with this long-winded disco cum psychedelic journey down the technicolor brick road to hell. Disk one is the stronger of the two here with a focus on actual songs and the same cheeky sense of humor found on albums by the Orb. Cuts like the mysterious group's collabo with Lindstrøm on "A Blast Of Loser" are redefining the downtempo aesthetic with a nice mix of technology and tune. If the first disk was the Yardbirds in full Sixties glory than disk two is Led Zeppelin at their bloated Seventies worst with a lot more pointless noodling and indie chicanery and much less of the stellar amphetamine sculpted disco-delia found on disk one. It has its moments but you really have to sit down with a big spliff and neutralize yourself before anything even remotely good shows ...

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Mungolian Jet Set may well be one of the world’s hardest bands to pin down and decipher. Far from being actual jet setters or hailing the central Asian country of Mongolia, as the name may suggest, Mungolian Jet Set are actually Norwegian DJ Pal “Strangefruit” Nyhus and his collaborators Knut Sævik and Reidar Skår.

Mixing jazz, disco, afro-beats, techno and folk with a hefty dose of tongue in cheek prog-rock epicness, Mongolian Jet Set make unclassifiable and often conceptually insane records. Add to this a whole range of pseudo mystical vernacular coupled with a load of crazy far Eastern imagery and you get one of the most un-pigeon-holeable groups on the planet.

Their latest release is a collection of their finest remixes including their re-works of tracks from Lindstrøm, The Shortwave Set and Pizzy Yelliot – whose cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’ is nothing short of deranged. ...


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Uncut Review

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Clash Featurette

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By Danny Turner

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