Mungolian Jetset


If I described every nook and angle that is contained within these two CDs, I would have
enough material for a thesis. We Gave It All Away … And Now We Are Taking It Back is simply
an electronic experience beyond anything I have heard since The Orb released U.F.Orb or
Sasha and Digweed compiled their work from the Renaissance.

Perfectly composed, Mungolian Jetset is everything I ever wanted from an electronic release:
plush beats, substance, depth, and a special uniqueness to tie it all together. At first I was
apprehensive and a little worried that their songs would not stick past a few round of listens
when in reality, the music is like a drug and the album has a sense of spiritual growth I cannot
claim very many artists succeed at.

Beginning with the CD We Gave It All Away, Mungolian Jetset’s “Creepy” is part Himalayan
zen and part voodoo exorcism that turns into this weird conglomeration of Hip Hop party music
and German electro via Moderat or Mouse On Mars on “Could You Be Loved.” Pizzy Yelliot
then turns that song into a rebellious rant against Norwegian pop culture.

The rest of We Gave It All Away drifts off and gets lost into weird electro sounds, mind-altering samples, World Music diversions, and beats that will set any dance floor ablaze.

And Now We Are Taking It Back transitions into a landscape of ambient and hypnotic electronic
downtempo that resurrects the Future Sounds Of London days. But as sneaky as Mungolian
Jetset is, they turn euphoria into a back alley Haitian pow wow. “Milano Model/A Thrilling
Mungophony In Two Parts” starts off like something out of a Fishbone album, but then the song
twists around like smoke as female singers calls out “Remember The Night” like they are
ghosts on Halloween night. The song reminds me of that scene from the movie The Monster
Club when all of the monsters are at the dance club and Vincent Price is in the middle of it all
living it up.

But as soon as the freaks come out, the mood changes into this brooding electronic joy ride
that ends the exposition with a bit of metaphysical chanting. “Moon Song (The Gospel
According To Mung)” is a homage to life and the universe that wraps around us. They end “And
remember, when you are walking home tonight. And the moonlit is streaming into the eyes you
love. That’s all there is.”

The expansive realities and beauty this album brings is unlike anything else you will

Andrew Duncan

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