Mungolian Jetset

AUGUST, 2009

Norwegian psychedelic house merchants Mungolian Jetset -- Pål Nyhus and Knut Petter Sævik to their moms -- specialize in the improbable. Take their remix of "Could You Be Loved" by (oh, that wacky hippie sense of humor) Pizzy Yelliott, which not only pushes Bob Marley's iconic chorus through Mel Blanc voices and a Salvador Dali bassline but melds Melle Mel with 50 Cent: "Don't push me 'cause/It's your birthday, it's your birthday."

Throughout this double-CD overview, most of which collects the duo's remixes, similarly silly voices and tweaked tonality push the duo's disco sprawl past the dance floor or even the sun-kissed atmosphere of similar Nordic dance artists like Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas: We Gave It All Away plays like prog-rock for bouncy castles rather than Dungeons & Dragons marathons. The reworking of Ost & Kjex's "Milano Model," subtitled "A Thrilling Mungophony in Two Parts," focuses its eleven minutes on a buzzy near-beat-boxing vocal tic that evokes Tuvan throat singing (though it's not) while shape-shifting everything else around it but the beat; the striated synth lines clipping through "Original Highway Delight (Miami Camp Mix)," a collaboration with LSB, are equally bent. High times should always be so playful.


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