Mungolian Jetset


While most albums tread a fine line between two different genres of music, this eclectic array of cross-fusion electric/organic dance music covers the gamut of experimentalism to pop electronic

Ranging from house and disco to soft rock and Norwegian Balearic dub, the ambiance of these highly infections grooves can bring tears to your eyes while drifting through a wormhole of psychedelic splendor. These hazy, über-laid-back treasures will have you lost in introspection by the time track two on the first disc begins to play. Stressing upon layers and layers of organic samples of everything from live instruments to field-recorded wildlife; this collection of the unusual is just brief moments away from being cataloged as supernatural. Featuring mixes and remixes from affiliates Lindstrøm, Medievel Knievel, Pizzy Yelliot, LSB and The Shortwave Set, you are guaranteed to hear music on this release that you will never hear anywhere else. Brilliant!

posted by THE MUNGOLIAN WEB GNOME  September 08, 2009 23:00  Reviews  comments (0)

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