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MARCH, 2008

Letter to Norwegian Embassy, London, January 9th 2008.

To whom it may concern,

I wish to express my concern about an unprecedented menace that has emerged from your country and is currently infecting the youth of Britain with unstoppable veracity: Mungolians. These layabouts, cornerboys, soapdodgers, hippies, spivs and individuals of dubious mental fortitude
and questionable intentions have begun thrusting their elongated and throbbing remixes into the unprotected underbelly of our youth.

Indeed, it comes as no surprise that these loutish young men model themselves after the Mongol invaders.

Furthermore, it has been brought to my attention that these disco delinquents have desecrated one of their own national treasures, the beloved Sami Joik singer Mari Boine Persen. Placing her exquisite ethnic voice in a jarring juxtaposition with the worst excesses of what passes for music these days, these would-be Khans have created an altogether frightening melange of sounds encompassing the full gamut of the hallucinatory and ...

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Despite our housebound reputation, even bloggers like to occasionally go out and shake what passes for our stuff. That’s why every two weeks Idolator club guru Tim Finney will be dragging us onto the dancefloor to explore the latest sounds from the worlds of house, techno, and beyond. After the jump, he gets lost in the maximalist world of prog-disco remix kings Mungolian Jet Set, one of the many neo-”balearic” production teams digging up obscure soft-rock/folk/jazz gold.

As a sound and a scene both, the dance music sub-genre “balearic” is obsessed with marginalia. If this was true of the term’s original incarnation–think of UK DJ Paul Oakenfold boasting of dancing in Ibiza, one of the islands from which the sound gets its name, in the late 80s to a soundtrack of Chris Rea and the Woodentops while high on ecstasy for the first time–it is doubly true of its reemergence ...


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Mungolian Jet Set has become the main musical vehicle of Norwegian DJ legend Pål "Strangefruit" Nyhus. Along with partner Knut Sævik he is out to find the philosophers stone of dance music, leaving behind all normative concepts and delving audaciously into music’s inexplicable essence. Mungolian Jet Set is duo on a quest, perhaps a little like the mystic Gurdjieff who roamed in the vicinity of Mongolia and joined in competitions to make the mountains sing.

      -We want to take our music into uncharted territory, says Nyhus.
      I know it is a bit of cliché to talk about music as a journey, but it is true in the way that we don’t really know where we’re going. But we know that we are after something that cannot be reached by guidelines, genres and just multiplying established concepts. When I was a kid the two records that I never tired of was ...

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JULY, 2009

Ask any of the more notable Norwegian grooveslayers if there is something about their surroundings
that pushes them to create a particular style of music, and they will inevitably answer with confusion
and ambivalence. That's fine, even admirable, but it's hard for us to ignore that this admittedly small
crop of producers and DJ's all poke at disco in a similarly obtuse and dubby way, much to the wonder
of everyone that does not live there. Mungolian Jetset are from Norway, run with guys like Todd Terje,
Lindstrom, Bjorn Torske, and Mental Overdrive, and have a new record called We Gave It
Away...Now We Are Taking It Back out August 18th on Smalltown Supersound. "Clairevoyage" and
"Creepy" both originate there, further ammo to the argument that there is some seriously bewildering
noise echoing around Oslo.

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