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AUGUST, 2009


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Reconnaissance Droid Theta

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Whereas their more vaunted Norwegian contemporaries can be neatly pigeonholed as future
disco visionaries, it's nearly impossible to categorize the work of Mungolian Jetset. RA chats up
the Oslo duo.

Despite its freestyle, anything-goes nature—think a star-gazing melting pot of electronic disco, progressive rock, jazz, folk, Balearica, acid and techno with a nod and a wink to both camp pop and contemporary classical music—the music of Mungolian Jetset seems to make perfect sense. Wrap this all up in a strange obsession with cod-mysticism and KLF-style myth-building, and you've got an act like none other.

The duo initially came together in the early '00s while Oslo scene stalwart Nyhus was working with Norwegian jazz legends Nils Petter Moldvaer and Bugge Wesseltoft. Invited by the latter to create an album for the Jazzland label, they put together the largely forgotten jazz-electronica fusion set Beauty Came to Us in Stone in 2006.

Since then, they've slowly been carving ...

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JULY, 2009

Mungolian Jet Set fellows Pål Nyhus & Knut Sævik take a moment to visit with XLR8R’s
Inbox en route to Shangri-La. The Norwegian jet setters remember the King of Pop, discuss
the delicacy of “promiscuous self-service,” share Bee Gees trickery, and design plans to grow
fat on Italian food. Their forthcoming album, We Gave It All Away...Now We Are Taking It
Back , will be out August 18 on Smalltown Supersound.
XLR8R: What are you listening to right now?
Knut Sævik: On top of my turntable is an '81 album from KANO called New York Gang, and
I’m getting into Reinhold Glière’s “No. 2” and “No. 3” symphonies. The last few days I’ve
been listening to Alf Cranner, a Norwegian singer and composer.
Pål Nyhus: As this is written hours after hearing about the death of MJ, it's a kind of weird,
spacey medley of his voice in my head. I guess he is kinda trespassing all our souls now.
What's ...

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