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Just before everyone pisses off on their lascivious way for Easter shennanigans, I would like to ask you: what is dancing?

Having been observing in clubs over the past while, I have no doubt that the majority of you have two left feet.

This "dancing" you do is pathetic, and often consists of little more than jumping up and down, sometimes bedaubed with glo-paint and waving glo-sticks in the ultraviolet light of a seedy little sweatbox.

There is a lot to be said for real dancing - you know the kind: where you had to learn the steps. Yeah - steps. Proper, co-ordinated, choreographed movements laid down by someone with some imagination.

I humbly suggest that someone out there makes an effort, and begins a campaign to bring back real dancing. Or at the very least, a set of acceptable moves that can be strung together in a manner that suggests sentient thought on ...

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Supplement to Cyborg Women Fetish

Uh huh ... told ya ...Without much surprise, a Japanese friend (wishing to remain anonymous) has sent me this link:

... from which I have taken the picture ... Oh yes ... it has long since begun ... These things can be customized as well, with hair choices, breast size choices, and all manner of oddities.

Saying that, I may get myself one ... it would be great for tormenting the Dhaqwaan and his aescetic poetical stance.

I also have heard there is an even more realistic one with a heartbeat and pulse, warm skin and the ability to adminster a great Mung Job. And I think it's Austrian or German ... I'm sure someone out there will know ...

Strange people ...

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Cyborg Women Fetish

gagaFidel, former lifelong friend of the Late Pierre called around last night. First time I've seen him since my cat regrew its fur (furry or shaven pussy? ... I flip-flop between the two according to the most esoteric of atmospheric elements ... even the weather ... actually, especially the weather ... oh! Such arbitrary vacillations!)

Fidel has fallen in love (again). Not with me, I hasten to add. Nor with my cat (denuded or otherwise). Poor Fidel. He's fallen in love with Lady Gaga ... and not Lady Gaga in general, no. He's fallen in love with Lady Gaga on crutches in her video to Paparazzi ...

He even found himself with an indiscriminate boner at the sight of Beyonce Knowles in her Gold armour in the "Sweet Dream" video ...

Yes, Fidel is one of the latest casualties of the cyborg women fetish.

Even Barbarella gets him floating on a cushion of make-believe ...

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Mungolian Pacemakers (no Gerry, oldsters)

I can't be bothered with any of you today.

You run around the web, with your Mungolian Jet Set inclinations and your general ignorance of all that is actually happening, instead opting to believe that the world will end in 2012 (as if the universe has a time schedule) and creating theories of everything you don't have a clue about. You realise that you are every bit as idiotic as your ancestors who believed that there were giant sea monsters, and that ordinary mortal men were descended from gods, and that spreads high in polyunstaurates were better for you than creamery butter ...

And what is the relevance of our friend in the picture here? None. I make these sometimes when I'm bored. This one was lying around, so I added it. Why do I have to explain myself to you (and why did I even ask that question)???

Please fuck off.

Any ...


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MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010

Cold Cock Riders of The New Media Hype

I have been absent for a while, taking in the sights and sounds of an elsewhere place. Where? None of your business.

However, upon my return I see countless pasty faced quasi-gothy emo types, proto-teenagers for eternity, lining up with their eyes lined with black gunk, craving blood. Apparently.

Throughout your media are VAMPIRES.

Once, these things were to be feared, scary monsters that drained life, spread their contagion, or general fucked you up in some way. Some punctured your neck and sucked like a two-bit whore until you were dry, some just ripped you to pieces and dined on flesh and blood alike.

But on 21st century earth, a new attitude means these guys are SEXY. Perhaps they always have been, but these days, it seems that a vampire is the object of many teen girls desire.

I could go into the full socio-literary-folkloric history of said bloodsuckers, and how they have arrived at ...

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