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MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011

The Unsinkable Simon Cowell

UNTOUCHABLE SIMON COWELLRight, you daft bastards.

I've watched for the past week, and said little. But now I feel I need to state something obvious:


At least, you can't in the manner which seems to be the chosen one for blogheads and "campaigners" out there.

Last week, a young chap (12 years old) was the "means" to that "end." Didn't work. Accusing Simon Cowell of "cheating" (when is he NOT CHEATING, really?) is a pathetic approach to defaming the chap. That's like accusing the sun of shining. Pointless.

First of all: the 12 year old boy at the center of all of the accusations last week was the only person whose future might have been affected. A 12 year old boy. Got that? A kid who can sing, whether groomed or not. Why use a 12 year old boy as a weapon against Simon Cowell?

Frankly, some of my fellow "bloggers" out there ...

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FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

You're all vacuumheads

This will be my last post before the arrival of the new Mungolian site ...

I await my fate with the calmness of a rohypnol-laden sorority girl.

I have been "given" a Facebook page by Sir Dhahii, which I assume is some kind of pre-onslaught appeasement. However, rather than rail against it like some Anglo-Saxon twat attempting to turn the tides, I shall embrace it and see how long it takes to be removed as an obstreperous bully.

The release of the Moon Jocks remixes has caused some celebration in Mung HQ. I preferred solitude to contemplate the sudden lack of Cheryl Cole sightings of late, and ponder the meaning of all things. And write a book. Yes, I have decided that a mere blog is not enough, that Twittering is insufficient, that Facebook is inadequate. Social networking in general is a vacuum. So a solid tome is my option.

In the meantime, enjoy ...

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Mungolian Fish Sticks and Other Dark Matter

So ...

I guess you're wondering what the hell is going on here at Mung HQ ... or probably not, I hope, since I assume you might have something not dissimilar to a life going on.

As it happens, over the past while, the Mungs have completed their newest album, "Schlungs", a rather surprising effigy of a pop album tossed on a pyre and swept up and added to a Mango Smoothie laced with overproof rum and some prescribed chemicals.

When it was played to me, I found myself wondering what the meaning of life was. Without drawing conclusions on that particular avenue of thought, I did conclude that I had heard something. A series of musical excursions. It's actually not as bad as I was expecting, to be honest. However, it did have an adverse effect upon my cat.

The poor beast has clawed its own ears off. And seems happier for it.

Having ...

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FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2010

Further supplement to Cyborg Women Fetish

Christina Aguilera - BionicWell, belatedly I add this thinkling ...

Some time ago, I was shown the cover of the new Christina Aguilera album.

I believe we can now expect Madonna to join in, with her body replaced by a large mechanical vagina perched delicately between two orbulent titanium tatas ...

Meanwhile, Mungolian Jet Set are running amok, writing pop songs and strange and esoteric trip-music, covering a fairly diverse set of contents from Alien disco abductions to murderous undead transvestites. I am beginning to despair, ashamed that the heritage of which I was a progenitor has descended to such lowly levels.

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THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010


Do you find my thinklings offensive?

Clearly some people do.

I like to tap out these words like a dwarf tapping his little pickaxe in a cave to loosen diamonds, filling each one with all my love for humanity, sheltering under its umbrella of happiness while fucking plastic objects while looking at pictures of someone else fucking plastic objects.

All your lovely little political policies and efforts to keep as many of your kind alive as possible, while behind that you attempt to be the one who has enough food to feed yourself and barter for a fuck.

All this in time to the rhythm of music that you probably have a stronger opinion about than the fact that someone out there has enough money to pay off the Greek national debt without making a noticeable hole in his bank account.

And celebrity is the panacea, curing murderers and paedophiles, ranting bigots and dictators of ...

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